Abi von Reininghaus “King Of Heart” Artist Reissue
featuring all new artwork and four new tracks

1. Seven Friends (Revised)
2. Remember Me...
3. Movin’ Out
4. Don’t Wait For Love
5. The Wedding
6. Only The Beginning
7. That’s Why I Learned Guitar
8. Captain Locrian’s Revenge
9. Southern Steel
10. Into The Light
11. Clara’s Lullaby
12. I Thank You

Bonus tracks:
13. Pacific Coast Highway
14. Pray
15. Dreadrock Island
16. Tennessee Motel

For German customers:
“King Of Heart” is available at most German CD stores incl. Saturn/Media Markt.
Also, you can order it at Amazon.de and Music By Mail.

International orders:
For international orders, the CD can be ordered at Music By Mail and will soon be available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com.

Digital download:
The album also is available as a digital download from Napster and the iTunes Store.